Answered By: Ali Adil
Last Updated: Mar 22, 2018     Views: 162

It really isn't possible to export the citation information & article from an ILL form directly to RefWorks but it is possible to attach an article to a reference already in RefWorks. There are two things that need to be done, (a) create and save a reference in RefWorks, then (b) save a copy of the article to my computer in order to upload it as an attachment to the existing RefWorks reference. 

Since I usually save the article I received from Interlibrary Loan to my desktop, once a reference has been saved in RefWorks I can then open the RefWorks reference and attach a copy of the article to the RefWorks record.  Only AFTER a reference is SAVED in RefWorks can something be attached to it, using the Edit capability. The reference then has to be saved again.

What I do is either create a New Reference within RefWorks and copy/paste the elements between the two web pages or I simply do a quick search in the appropriate database to import the data that way.

Typically if I am using the database method, I search with one line having  an author's last name with the dropdown indicating Author and the next line having a single, relatively unique word from the title with the dropdown indicating Title. Once I find the correct database record, I export this information to RefWorks and save this as a RefWorks reference. In Edit mode, I browse my desktop for the copy of the article I have there, attach the article to the reference, and then save the reference again.