Answered By: Kalei Malczon
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ICPSR stands for Inter-University Consortium for Politics and Social Research


Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is a not-for-profit organization providing social sciences quantitative data sets. Subjects in this database include political science, sociology, demography, history, economics, communication, international relations, gerontology, public health, criminal justice, and education. The archives include almost all major social science studies, including American National Election Study, Eurobarometer, General Social Survey and International Social Survey Program, decennial Census of Population and Housing, Voter News Service exit polls, US Congressional and UN roll call votes, National Crime Victimization Survey, and public opinion polls. Numeric data sets and documentation are contributed by government agencies, organization, research centers, and individual researchers.


It can be accessed using the link above or by browsing to it from the Library's Databases A-Z list.