Answered By: Morgan Chivers
Last Updated: Apr 07, 2021     Views: 2

We don't actually have the type of bit you would need to use for this project on hand in the FabLab Shop, though I've got lots of personal experience with this type of project so I can give you some tips:

  • in both cases, it's important to go slow & be patient to avoid cracking your vessel!
  • eye protection is a must!
  • don't breathe the dust!
    • you can keep dust down and help mitigate stress on the ceramic by keeping a little water on the spot you're drilling
      • as you slowly make your way deeper into the vessel, the heat from the friction of drilling will be chilled by the water, though this will evaporate the water (and some will also be getting absorbed into the body of the ceramic once you get through the glaze) - whenever you see dry dust coming up, stop and reapply some water
    • be sure to avoid getting the drill wet!!
If you don't already have one, we have a hand drill you can check out!
hope this helps! let me know if you have any other questions and/or how your project turns out!
Morgan Chivers
FabLab Librarian