Answered By: Morgan Chivers
Last Updated: Oct 15, 2021     Views: 2

sounds like the learner has a hand drawing they want to embroider..

Indeed, the first step is digitization - we have KIC scanners on the second floor of Central Library and at the Architecture Fine Arts branch, or you can use your phone/camera to take a photo (with even lighting & keeping your lens flat to the plane of the drawing)
sometimes it really helps to use Photoshop to increase the contrast in the image before placing into Illustrator, but it depends on the specific graphic..
From there, it's best to use Illustrator's Image Trace tools to create and various other Illustrator tools to clean up a vector graphic version of your intended designs

FabLab staff can help you learn how to clean up your file, either in-person or online (fill out this form for a virtual consultation:

you can access Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in all the computer labs on campus, including throughout the UTA Libraries and in the FabLab

We can help you get set up and ready to work on the embroidery machine once you're ready for that too!

There's no charge for our expert help with learning the software; we only charge $1/hr for access to the embroidery machine!