Answered By: Morgan Chivers
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We're a teaching lab, so there are always staff on hand who're happy to help learners gain familiarity with any of our equipment!
There are a lot of variables depending on your project(s) that would inform what you'd need to bring with you in order to accomplish your goals; probably the best thing would be to come in to get acquainted with the machine you want to use first and our staff can answer your questions then.

we supply 3D printing filament (ABS/Ninjaflex/PLA) - learners may only bring their own PLA, not the other materials
we have a variety of materials for use with our laser cutters; learners can choose to bring their own material provided it is safe to cut
we stock sticker and heat transfer vinyl, screen printing inks, embroidery and sewing threads, and select woods and sheet metal for use in the shop

prices for all our materials are found here:
current FabLab hours are posted here:

we keep scrap materials around for learners to use for free so you can feel welcome to come in and get an introduction without needing to worry about bringing in the right stuff right off the bat

looking forward,
Morgan Chivers
FabLab Librarian