Answered By: Diane Shepelwich
Last Updated: Apr 01, 2020     Views: 85

PsycInfo is the only database that has the feature which can be used to broadly identify articles discussing populations with mental or physical disorders OR receiving treatment or therapy. This feature is called the Classification Codes and these codes also can identify other sets of broad interests. The classification codes for Mental or physical disorders are in the 3200s and Treatment and therapies, 3300s.

The "trick" is to enter your other search terms and

1) in front of the last box change the AND to a NOT,
2) In this box enter the phrase: 32* OR 33*
3) Set the drop down menu behind the box to Classification
then click search.

The last line of the search would resemble
|NOT| |32* OR 33*|  in |CC Classification|

This technique is not 100% perfect but does focus the results to "non-disordered populations."