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SimplyMap is a subscription database that provides a large variety of demographic, marketing, consumer, crime, and some environmental variables for the United States.  (Access the database here.)  Data is provided on the state level and down to the Census Block Group level.

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There are three primary outputs for SimplyMap.

  1. Create Map Image
    1. Easily create GIF or PDF map images that can be imported into Word or PowerPoint.
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  2. Create Table to Download to Excel
    1. There are a couple of report/table options, but the 'Location Analysis Report' is most useful for creating a table.  It is the most useful because it allows you to quickly select many geographic areas to include in your table, such as all zip codes in a state or all Census Block Groups in a county.
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  3. Ring Study Report
    1. Provides variable summary statistics within 1, 3, and 5 mile radius around a location.  Can be downloaded into Excel.
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The company that develops SimplyMap (Geographic Research, Inc.) does not create or produce any of the data provided.  Through SimplyMap, we have access to datasets created by other 3rd party data providers.

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